Its origins are largely unknown.Daku is a name from the Diyari language of South Australia JIEMBA. Today, there are just 150 indigenous languages in use with 20 in the danger of being extinct. Anatjari is a cool aboriginal name of the Pintupi language.

Because resources on the meaning of Aboriginal names are so scarce and unreliable, I've used Waltzing More than Matilda blogger Anna Otto's thorough research on the topic as my main source of information. One of the known bearers of this name is Alkawari Dawson, the Australian aboriginal painter and the wife of Nakul Dawson, her fellow painter.Myaree is a beautiful Australian Aboriginal name and means ‘foliage.’ We think it would be an excellent idea to select a nature name that’s not inspired by typical flowers and leaves.Karri is an Australian Aboriginal word for the Eucalyptus tree. Most importantly, Miro would make an excellent substitute to Milo.Pronounced as ‘eye-loo’ka’, Iluka is the name of a coastal town in New South Wales and means ‘near the sea’ in the Bndajalong language. For modern parents seeking an original name with a significant meaning, this really fits the bill. The name Coen is a Hebrew word for priest. She explains that she's chosen names "conservatively", ensuring that the Aboriginal words are already being used as names for people, places or businesses. When the Europeans colonized Australia in the 18th century, they were fascinated by the local rhythmic language. And neither the meaning of this name is ‘feminine’.

Birrani. The fun fact is that it’s also the name of a type of seasoning in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Similar to the Chinese word 'Tao' meaning the natural order of things, as well as other popular three-letter names such as Taj and Kai, Tau will surely fit right in at school. To honour these beautiful languages, I've put together a list of my favourite Aboriginal baby names. Kalinda was the name of a character in the television series “The Good Wife”.Australian aborigines often use names that refer to their geography.

In some of the aboriginal cultures, the owl is considered a symbol of wisdom. Not when you consider that the butterfly is regarded as the soul of the deceased in some Aboriginal cultures.

Meaning ‘moon,’ Jannali is sure to help your child stand out from the crowd.Kareela, the name of a Brisbane suburb can also be used as a name for your daughter.

Kalinda Ashton is an award-winning author based in Melbourne, and the name has even made it to Hollywood with a character named Kalinda on drama series The Good Wife. Its namesake would be Mika Brzezinski, the American television host, and journalist.This moniker is inspired by the local phase “merri”, which means ‘very rocky.’ The meaning may not be overtly feminine, but its association with the English name Mary and English word ‘merry’ makes it a great pick for girls. This name can also work as an alternative to Eleanor.Inala is the name of the suburb in Brisbane, meaning ‘night time or rest time.’ But in the aboriginal language, this moniker translates to ‘place of peace’. There's a town in New South Wales called Marlee, which means 'elderberry tree' the Biripi dialect. The aboriginal painters Anatjari Tjampitjinpa and Anatjari Tjakamarra are the known bearers of this moniker. The pronunciation of most of the words and names is corrupted and tend to differ from the original pronunciation. Kalinda: It means 'see'. Each aboriginal baby name has detailed meanings, famous namesakes, and alternatives to help you find the perfect aboriginal name.

It means ‘winter’ in one of the aboriginal languages of Sydney and means ‘park keeper’ in English. Kylie. People might assume it's short for the slightly stuffy Montgomery, but you'll have a great story to tell when correcting them. Djalu is an Australia aboriginal baby boy name and means ‘lightning.’ It is associated with Djalu Gurruwwiwi, the Aboriginal didgeridoo player and maker.This moniker is multicultural and sounds extremely attractive. ALTHOUGH there were over 700 Aboriginal dialects when the Europeans arrived in Australia in the 18th century, there are now less than 150 and most of those are endangered. 6th Jul 2017 9:34 AM The first European to use an Aboriginal name was the chaplain from the First Fleet, who named his daughter Milbah.Do you know what makes the Aboriginal names so unique?

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