This means there are two seats on one side of the aisle and 3 on the other. Flight International Commercial Aircraft Page 45 (September 3, 1997)"MDC Steps into 100-seat arena with MD-95". Capable of seating up to 134 passengers, the 717 has a design range of 2,060 nautical miles (3,820 km).

Even the original order for 50 was no certainty in the chaotic post-deregulation United States airline market. It also only has two columns of seats, which makes it a narrow-body plane.

Wondering if your carry-on meets size and weight requirements?Boeing B717s are at the heart of Hawaiian Airlines’ fast and frequent Neighbor Island service. In 2013, Delta began leasing the entire fleet of 88 jets previously operated by This article is about the airliner initially developed in the 1990s by McDonnell Douglas as the MD-95. For your next Delta flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats, legroom, and recline on . Major changes included a fuselage "shrink" back to 119 ft 4 in (36.37 m) length (same as the DC-9-30), and the reversion to the original DC-9 wingspan of 93 ft 5 in (28.47 m). The MD-90 Trunkliner deal was finalized in June 1992, but the contract was for a total of 40 aircraft, including 20 MD-80Ts and 20 -90Ts. In its evaluation of the engine upgrades available for the DC-9X, McDonnell Douglas found that the McDonnell Douglas was planning for MD-95 final assembly to be undertaken in China, as an offshoot of the Trunkliner program, for which McDonnell Douglas had been negotiating to have up to 150 MD-90s built in China. First class has 12 recliner seats that are located in 2-2 configuration in three rows.

In 1994, McDonnell Douglas sought global partners to share development costs. Although an excellent aircraft for specialized roles, the MD-87 often was not sold on its own. Halla Group in South Korea was selected to make the wings; Alenia of Italy the entire fuselage; Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. of Taiwan, the tail; ShinMaywa of Japan, the horizontal stabilizer; and a manufacturing division of Korean Air Lines, the nose and cockpit.On November 8, 1994, McDonnell Douglas announced that final assembly would be taken away from the longtime Douglas plant at After McDonnell Douglas was acquired by Boeing in August 1997,At first Boeing had no more success selling the 717 than McDonnell Douglas. The photo of the 717 cabin located below is a Midwest Airlines Boeing 717-200 interior with an all business class cabin. The Boeing 717 is a jet airliner.It has two engines, which means that it is a twinjet. The 100 seat 717 is the latest development of the popular DC-9/MD-80/MD-90 family and the only Douglas airliner which Boeing (which merged with McDonnell Douglas in 1997) plans to retain in its product line-up. Out of 155 produced, 148 are still in operation today. To see seat maps of these configurations visit our Boeing 717-200 Seat Map page. However, in early 1993, MDC said that it was considering sites outside China, and was later seeking alternative locations for the assembly line.

Boeing 717-200 has seats in three classes.

The Boeing 717-200 has a maximum seating capacity of 117 in a single class configuration, but it is typically operated with 106 seats in a 2-class configuration. The MD-80 has been license built in Shanghai since the 1980s. With its relatively high MTOW and powerful engines, the MD-87 essentially became a special mission aircraft and could not compete with the all new 100-seaters then being developed.

The Delta Airlines Boeing 717-200 features 110 seats in a 3 cabin configuration. The Boeing 717 was never as popular as the 737, nor as iconic as the 747. At this time, McDonnell Douglas said that it expected the MD-95 to become a family of aircraft with the capability of increased range and seating capacity.In March 1995, longtime McDonnell Douglas customer As first proposed, the MD-95 was to be powered by a 16,500 lbf (73 kN) thrust derivative of the JT8D-200 series with the During 1993 McDonnell Douglas seemed to be favoring a life extension program of the DC-9-30, under the program name DC-9X, to continue its presence in the 100-120 seat market, rather than concentrating on the new build MD-95. Boeing 757-200 Aircraft Seat Maps, Specs & Amenities : Delta Air Lines Boeing 717-200 Seating Capacity: 123 - 128 Seats First Class 19"H x 18"W x 28"L Recline: 11" Pitch: 37" Seat Configuration: 2-2 Main Cabin 18"W x 15.7"- 18.5”D x 27.5"-29”H Recline: 6” or Pre-Reclined to 20 degrees Pitch: 29" to 31" Seat Configuration: 2-3 *Please note that seat numbers and placement vary from aircraft to aircraft.

The Boeing 717 interior is set out in a 2 – 3 seating configuration. We take a look at who’s still operating the 717.

It also began a search for a low-cost final assembly site. We're now working on our exterior design and you'll begin seeing our B717s with our new look beginning in 2017.As you zip between Islands, you may not spend very long in the B717, but you’ll love its reliability and quick turnaround. Visit to learn more. Boeing 717-200 Lavatory - Restroom The Boeing 717-200 Cabin has one to three lavatories or restrooms on-board. The Boeing 717-200 twinjet was specifically designed for the short-haul, high-frequency 100-passenger airline market.

Early 717 operators were delightedWithin a few months, the 717's abilities became clear to Qantas, being faster than the Boeing actively marketed the 717 to a number of large airlines, including In 2001, Boeing began implementing a moving assembly line for production of the 717 and 737.Increased competition from regional jets manufactured by Bombardier and Embraer took a heavy toll on sales during The 156th and final 717 rolled off the assembly line in April 2006 for The 717 features a two-crew cockpit that incorporates six interchangeable liquid-crystal-display units and advanced Honeywell VIA 2000 computers. However, it filled a much-needed niche in regional operators fleets and seems to have stood the test of time. It’s all about getting you out there faster!The Boeing B717-200 seats up to 128 passengers in a 2-3 Main Cabin configuration. Relying on its commonality factor, sales were generally limited to existing MD-80 operators.In 1991, McDonnell Douglas revealed that it was again considering developing a specialized 100-seat version of the MD-80, initially named the In early 1994, the MD-95 re-emerged as similar to the DC-9-30, its specified weight, dimensions, and fuel capacity being almost identical.

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