Darug nation - located on the map of Australia.

South of the site, within the swampy margins of Hyde Park (where the Tank Stream originated), waterfowl and terrestrial mammals such as macropods may have been sought. Central Sydney is therefore often referred to as ‘Eora Country’.With the invasion of the Sydney region, the Gadigal people were decimated but there are descendants of the Eora still living in Sydney today. There were 17 engravings at Balls Head in Sydney’s inner harbour; many are now covered by road surfaces while two have been outlined with paint. The Darug, originally a Western Sydney people, were bounded by the Kuringgai to the northeast around Broken Bay, the Darkinjung to the north, the Wiradjuri to the west on the eastern fringe of the Blue Mountains, the Gandangara to the southwest in the Southern Hig It features Aunty Kerrie Kenton (Darug Elder), Uncle Bob Webb (Darug … Get Started. Postal Address. Watkin Tench’s journals record him seeing two Aboriginal women bodysurfing on bark from Milson’s Point to Bennelong Point.The invaders soon polluted the local water source, the Black and white people continued to coexist until the 1930s. The Dharawal people’s lands are mostly confined to the area south of Botany Bay, extending as far south as the Nowra area, across to the Georges River in Sydney’s west.Clans or bands (called ‘tribes’ by the Europeans) within Sydney belonged to several major language groups, often with coastal and inland dialects.There is some disagreement as to the degree of cultural separateness of the people who traditionally lived in the adjoining lands which comprise greater Sydney, encompassing most of the western suburbs and stretching up to the Blue Mountains.However, there is much evidence to suggest that the major language groups of greater Sydney were different groups using different languages and different initiation rites. Proudly Produced by: Teachers should do some preliminary research about the local area and the Aboriginal group from the area before introducing it in the classroom. © 2013 Sydney Barani

But there is much scepticism about population figures offered by historians and even those in official government parties. Many travelled from northern and western NSW for the increased work opportunities after the outbreak of World War 2. This was most apparent during the Great Depression when both peoples camped together around Sydney, especially at Happy Valley at La Perouse, proving that people form alliances in times of crisis.Working class suburbs like Pyrmont, Balmain, Rozelle, Glebe and Redfern became natural places for Aboriginal people to congregate and live from the 1930s. Use a map of the Sydney basin to locate al D rug t ibes. The area stretches from the inner west of Sydney, to Windsor in the north and Picton to the South. Follow City Of Sydney: There has been extensive debate about which group or nation these 29 clans belong to. With fish available all year round, there was no need to leave the coast for food. Do you wish to proceed? The majority of Western Sydney is home to the Darug people, however their culture and traditions represent Aboriginal people from many other tribes and clans around Australia.There is some argument about the extent of the Darug nation and what is exactly classified as Darug land. There is evidence of Aboriginal people migrating in a north-south direction but none from east to west. The length of projects may differ from days to weeks. It is estimated that almost half of Sydney’s Aboriginal population died in the smallpox epidemic of 1789. Darug country extends from the Sydney CBD to the Blue Mountains, and is one of five main groups of Aboriginal people living in the Sydney region today. The territory that was Darug Lore was situated in the Cumberland Plain in Western Sydney. Local Aboriginal people used the word to describe to the British where they came from and so the word was then used to define the Aboriginal people themselves. The Aboriginal people identify themselves as Eora, which means"the people". These sites demonstrate occupation, art and social systems. Aboriginal people are known to have inhabited The Rocks area long before the invasion. ICN # 2734.

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