Used and broken diesel vehicles are fixed up then used for elaborate pranks and stunts.

Diesel Brothers: Presenting Hunker'd and Bunker'd

Dodgeball Thunderdome

Episode 5. Included with Motortrend on Amazon for $4.99/month after trial. Meanwhile, a friend commissions a 1000 gallon fuel truck and two custom diesel-powered fertilizer spreaders for his helicopter business.Heavy D attempts to salvage a wrecked overland camper from Europe he bought at auction.

Diesel Brothers follows Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the team at Dieselsellerz as they build big, bad trucks, pull elaborate pranks and push the limits with new stunts.

Diesel Brothers follows Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the team at Dieselsellerz as they build big, bad trucks, pull elaborate pranks and push the limits with new stunts.Tell Us About Your Hobbies and We'll Tell You Which Diesel Brother You Are!Which Diesel Brother has the Same Taste in Cars as You?Diesel Brothers Best Moments of 2019: Monster Jump LiveMotor Mondays will be Trucking Huge as Diesel Brothers and Dirty Mudder Truckers ReturnDiesel Brothers follows Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the team at Dieselsellerz as they build big, bad trucks, pull elaborate pranks and push the limits with new stunts.

Meanwhile, the Diesel Brothers challenge the Goons Garage and Welder Up to a Tuff Truck rematch in Mesquite, Nevada.The Diesel Brothers continue transforming their junkyard Bronco into an off-road beast for the Tuff Truck rematch against the Goons and Welder Up.

Meanwhile, Sam designs a hub-centric, diesel-powered bicycle with spare and salvaged parts from the shop.Professional off-road racer RJ Anderson enlists Heavy D to trick out his brand new Ford Raptor and add some serious towing capacity.

Save on each episode with a TV Season Pass. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. There must be one among the more than 14.500 series. Episode 4.

Back with a Kodiak ... Diesel Nation Celebrates Memorial Day • 41:31. Track Diesel Brothers season 5 episodes.

Netflix's Charlie Kaufman psychological drama goes to a very strange place Subscribe.

Track Diesel Brothers season 6 episodes. Todd LeDuc challenges the guys to a desert race and flips the script by picking The Muscle to be on his team.It's rugged.

Heavy D hopes to make history by jumping the Brodozer over a flying airplane, while Diesel Dave, the Muscle and others attempt stunts of their own.

Heavy D hops in the paint booth with Primo to paint the Sisu Nasu "Come Find Me Green"Get to know the first ever Diesel Brothers lowrider.With Heavy D burning through the C-10 budget, Red Beard takes matters into his own hands to make a few bucks back.With rims from a Camry, a P-Trap from a sink, a diesel motor from cement mixer, this hodge-podge motorcycle is one bad ass custom.Diesel Dave and Heavy D set up a drag race, a towing test and a tug of war to figure out which giveaway truck is supreme.The coilovers go under extreme stress during Pro Lite races so the guys need to properly adjust the spring preload.Muscle lets Diesel Dave lead the negotiation for the C-10 they're looking to slam and make into a bad ass lowrider.Chet and Tyson are tasked with installing the new 6-inch lift for the Nissan and decide the instruction packet would be more enjoyable when put to tune.Heavy D gets behind the wheel of one of the baddest monster trucks at Thunder Alley in Las Vegas.With a new coil spring suspension, a reworked rear steer system and two massive T-Shirt guns, the #SuperSix is ready to head to its new home.Pace and Ryan are just about finished fabricating the rotating turret seat so they let Muscle hop on for a spin to verify its safety and strength.For less than $25K, the crew modifies a stock pickup to be able to haul heavier loads more efficiently.Chavis and Diesel Dave install both radiators into the Ultimate Tow Rig to ensure the motor never overheats when it's towing a heavy load.A client calls in a request for better mileage and tow power for his daily driver with a $25,000 budget.

A Kraken Kodiak • 41:35.

It’s a camper. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Season 1 • Episode 8.

Meanwhile, Heavy D customizes a brand new UTV so his friend can break a world record at the live event.The Diesel Brothers salute the military with an action-packed night of insane stunts.

From her own confrontation with Jake "The Snake" Roberts to Cody Rhodes' 10 lashes

And it was given away to a lucky Diesel Brothers fan!It’s a truck.

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