(King cites from a contemporary Spanish report, "Examen politico de las colonias inglesas en el Mar Pacifico,":'Wary to avoid the accusation of this being the first fruit of their coming to these distant

Their language was unknown to each other, and there was not any doubt of their living in a state of mutual distrust and enmityTheir traditional land and waters are south of Port Jackson, stretching from Warren places this in the context of the struggle for scarce food resources:"Phillip sought to resolve these issues, but he probably made matters worse.

One common language united the Indigenous inhabitants of the present Sydney coastal area in 1788 — from the north shore of Botany Bay to Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) and west to Parramatta. Eora language S61. In December, he sent marines out to capture some Aborigines, and several musquets were fired and rocks and spears were thrown.

The Sydney language, also referred to as Darug or Iyora (Eora) in English, is an Australian Aboriginal language of the Yuin–Kuric group that was traditionally spoken in the region of Sydney, New South Wales.

regions, the English allege in their favour that the epidemic manifested itself at almost the same time as their arrival, stating on the other hand legally that in all of the First Fleet there had not been anyone who had carried it; that they found it distinguished among the Natives with its own name; and that finally either this sickness was known before the coming of the Europeans, or that its introduction must have been brought by the French Ships of the Comte de la Perouse.

The Eora people did not grow or plant crops; although the women picked herbs which were used in The Eora placed a time limit on formal battles engaged to settle inter-tribal grievances.

They spoke languages now known as Dharug, Dharawal and Kurringgai. The Eora people are made up of many clans (groups) including the Cadigal, the Wanegal, and the Cammeraygal. Today some modern Dharug speakers have given speeches in the Dharug language and younger members of the community visit schools and give demonstrations of spoken Dharug.Bowern (2011) lists Dharuk and Iyora as separate languages.

A recreated version of the language is spoken at welcome ceremonies conducted by the Darug people.Although Dharug is classified as extinct, there is a small number of descendants of the Darug nations who still speak itEverett, Kristina. Language. not."

Thus the Kameygal were the ‘spear clan’. This page has a range of words used by the Port Jackson people (called here ‘Eora’, or ‘Darug-Eora’) - some are names of people, others are words from the language(s).

Some vocabulary is retained by some Darug people, but only very little grammar.

comm. Religion and Philosophy Collection, Several Eora words have found their way into Australian English, for example dingo, gibba and woomera.. Lifestyle. It was sung by Bennelong and Yemmerrawanne at a concert in London in 1793.

It would be an idle rashness to wish now to entertain ourselves by examining this question: for our purpose it suffices to demonstrate that what will be easier and sooner will be the destruction rather than the civilisation of these unhappy people.'

It was described as "extremely grateful to the ear, being in many instances expressive and sonorous," by David Collins.

Their words and the music were transcribed by The natives of the coast, whenever speaking of those of the interior, constantly expressed themselves with contempt and marks of disapprobation. In the language spoken by the Eora, kamey and variations, including kamai, kah-my, ka-mai, and camey, is the generic name for a spear. They were expert in close-to-shore navigation, fishing, cooking, and eating in the bays and harbours in their bark canoes. Various historical evidence and perspectives on the life of Woollarawarre Bennelong. It is the traditional language of the Darug and Eora peoples. Shortly after, he was displayed in front of his home clan in a rather naïve effort to show them he was still alive."

One native, Arabanoo, was captured. The language spoken by the Eora has, since the time of Some of the words of Aboriginal language still in use today are from the Eora (possibly Eora territory, composed of sandstone coastal outcrops and ridges, coves, each man considers his own community to be the best.

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