Axle Width Definitions WMS Wheel Mounting Surface: This is the surface on the axle that the wheel sits flat on. WMF Wheel Mounting Flange:This is the same as WMS. MisfitSeven: Jeep Picture Requests: 0: 12-19-2010 12:05 PM: full width axle conversion on cj7: bogger98: Jeep Builds: 0: 04-28-2010 01:19 PM: full width axle yj's!! The early Jeeps had skinny tires and wheels which affected the track width. Rear axle widths These dimensions do not include brake drums and are measured from backing plate to backing plate. Pros: It’s the right width to work in a TJ or YJ Wrangler, but isn’t so wide it looks out of place under an early Jeep if you’re running a centered rear axle. Package, Convenience Package, Cold Weather Package, Cargo Mgmt. I will be running a 72"WMS with 5.28" bs wheels and 40" MTR's. There’s a 20-25 percent difference in strength between this Explorer 8.8 and the Ranger 8.8. Actual wheel track could be as much as 6" to 8"depending on drum size: 46" to 47" '66 to '77 Bronco 48" to 49" '72 to '75 Datsun pickup '71 Dodge Colt '72 to '73 Mazda 50" to 51" '73 to '76 A-Body Mopar '65 AMC American You'll often see this used in a "WMS to WMS" measurement, which is the same as "axle width". Chart The illustration below will help identify the Dana Axle in your Jeep.

This is usually a drum brake drum, disc brake disc, or a wheel hub. You really don't find 10" wide wheels with a 3"-4"bsDynatrac will make a 72" wide axle. Another big drawback is the width of the axle. Have you looked into rockwell 2.5 tons?

sweet lookin jeep. But as a daily driver, that gear ratio (6.72 to 1) would suck.A forum community dedicated to Jeep Wrangler JK owners and enthusiasts. The rear axle widths are more or less the same. I stared this a while back might help.Well... im gonna be running 35s in a couple months. I currently own a 53 CJ-3a, and have previously owned intermediate (1975) and late model (1981) CJ-5s... there isn't a 2" difference in axle width, only track width changes based on OE tire/wheel combos. Actual wheel track could be as much as 6" to 8"depending on drum size: ... '74 to '77 Jeep pickup These measurements are from brake drum to brake drum (WMS-WMS): 56-1/2" '74 Maverick 57" '75 Mustang II 57-1/4" I stared this a while back might help.sweet lookin jeep. The 8.8-Inch axle used in the Explorer is highly desirable because it came with 31-spline axles over the typical 28-spline found in the Ranger version. Package, Hard top, 2" front/0.75" rear Daystar lift, 17x8.5" American Outlaw "Lonestar" wheels, 35" Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires, Line-X spray in bedliner, Bestop Sunrider, Supernova V.4 fog/headlight bulbs, Quadratec QRC full-width bumper, Badland ZXR 12k winch, … Wheelbase.... lol u never know. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, reviews, engine swaps, troubleshooting, suspension, and more! So if you're rubbing now, you probably actually want 71-72" WMS if you plan to use 4.75" backspace wheels.I would look at running 72" with 42" tires and that back spacing. This axle could also be a good low buck swap for a Wrangler YJ, but the sping perches would need to be moved. 2020 Gladiator Sport S, Max Towing, Alpine audio, Tech. To install a full width axle kit under the front of a Jeep CJ, you must move the front springs outboard the frame. my dad's tj on 62" d44 and 9" with 35x12.50/15 mtrsmy dad's tj on 62" d44 and 9" with 35x12.50/15 mtrs But no time soon. All should be 50.5". Then gonna move up to 37s eventually... 12.50 that is. WMS to WMS I have an 08 2dr with a teraflex 6" long arm lift and 42" MTR's The stock axles have 1.5" adapters to clear the tires, but the front still hits the frame a bit on full turn. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.Trying to pick an axle to upgrade to. The ZJ Dana 44 is the only Jeep Dana 44 with an aluminum differential housing. Jeep Factory Axle Identification Chart OEM Axle I.D. My question to the masses is width. Rear axle widths. These dimensions do not include brake drums and are measured from backing plate to backing plate. The model number and date are self explanatory. WMS to WMSWell, stock JK WMS is around 65.25" so if right now you have 4" backspace plus 1.5" backspace (effectively 2.5" backspace), then if you switch out to 4.75" backspace wheels you want your WMS to be 4.5" bigger to be right where you are right now, which is 69.75".

pics of full width axles: Machinist: Jeep Picture Requests: 10: 08-08-2011 05:03 PM: stock width front axle, track bar pics. The Bill of Materials (B.O.M) number is stamped on the right or left hand tube of the driving axles … Trying to pick an axle to upgrade to. JavaScript is disabled. It would be ideal to run a 10" wheel with 5" bs. Walker Evans has 3.75" BS, Trail Ready and Spyderlock both have 3.5" BS 17" wheels in the 8x6.5 bolt pattern just to name a few so not sure why you think you are limited to 4.75"...I know TrailReady will give you anything from 3.5"- 6" in .5" increments.3.5" backspacing is not enough for 42's on say a 68" WMS axle.

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