Robinson recorded several discussions regarding spiritual entities that his companions describe as having agency or a source of interpretive power to aid their navigation of their physical world.

"Contemporary colonial settlers relate several examples of pictorial art drawn on the insides of huts or on remnants of discarded paper. Whereas settlers and stock keepers had previously provided rations to the Aboriginal people during their seasonal movements across the settled districts, and recognised this practice as some form of payment for trespass and loss of traditional hunting grounds, the new settlers and stock keepers were unwilling to maintain these arrangements and the Aboriginal people began to raid settlers' huts for food. By this time, Europeans had settled in most of the South East tribe's country, with the country dispossessed and food resources depleted. A newspaper reported that there were only two solutions to the problem: either they should be "hunted down like wild beasts and destroyed" or they should be removed from the settled districts. Shortly thereafter (by about 1800), sealers were regularly left on uninhabited islands in Bass Strait during the sealing season (November to May). The important ceremonial meaning of painting the body can be inferred by record of discussion at the funeral for the Aboriginal man "Robert", in Launceston, where an Aboriginal mourner was asked by a settler why he painted his body for the funeral and he replied "what do you wear fine clothes for? The languages were last used for daily communication in the 1830s. …was the growth of the Aboriginal movement. Many Tasmanian Aboriginal women were highly skilled in hunting seals, as well as in obtaining other foods such as seabirds, and some Tasmanian tribes would trade their services and, more rarely, those of Aboriginal men to the sealers for the seal-hunting season. The first took place between 1803 and 1808 over the need for common food sources such as oysters and kangaroos, and the second between 1808 and 1823, when only a small number of white females lived among the colonists, and farmers, sealers and whalers took part in the trading, and the abduction, of Aboriginal women as sexual partners. While the common assumption was that the …term applied to hostilities between Aborigines and white European soldiers and settlers on the Australian island of Tasmania (then called Van Diemen’s Land), which resulted in the virtual extermination of the original Aboriginal population of the island. Tasmanian languages, extinct languages spoken before 1877 by the Tasmanian Aboriginal people (Palawa) of Tasmania. The failure of the government Issues Paper to understand our language work is apparent from their drawing a distinction between palawa kani and ‘original Tasmanian Aboriginal language/s’. McFarlane writes that she voluntarily joined the sealers with members of her family, and was responsible for attacking Aboriginal people and white settlers alike.Historian James Bonwick reported Aboriginal women who were clearly captives of sealers but he also reported women living with sealers who "proved faithful and affectionate to their new husbands", women who appeared "content" and others who were allowed to visit their "native tribe", taking gifts, with the sealers being confident that they would return.Harrington, a sealer, procured ten or fifteen native women, and placed them on different islands in Bass's Straits, where he left them to procure skins; if, however, when he returned, they had not obtained enough, he punished them by tying them up to trees for twenty-four to thirty-six hours together, flogging them at intervals, and he killed them not infrequently if they proved stubborn.There are numerous stories of the sealers' brutality towards the Aboriginal women; with some of these reports originating from Robinson. These "breakwinds" were thatched roofs sloping to the ground, with an opening at the top to let out the smoke, and closed at the ends, with the exception of a doorway. At the Wybalenna Aboriginal establishment on Flinders Island, described by historian In 1839, Governor Franklin appointed a board to inquire into the conditions at Wybalenna that rejected Robinson's claims regarding improved living conditions and found the settlement to be a failure. They arrived over a sand dune desert known as the Bassian Plains during an interglacial which lasted from c60,000 BCE to c30,000 BCE. The art expresses the Aboriginal viewpoint on colonial history, race relations and identity. On 13 August 1997 a Statement of Apology (specific to removal of children) was issued – which was unanimously supported by the Tasmanian Parliament – the wording of the sentence was: In November 2006 Tasmania became the first Australian state or territory to offer financial compensation for the Illustration from "The Last of the Tasmanians" – Wooreddy, Truganini's husbandAboriginal Tasmanians and settlers mentioned in literature 1800–1835Aboriginal Tasmanians and settlers mentioned in literature 1800–1835"Despite over 170 years of debate over who or what was responsible for this near-extinction, no consensus exists on its origins, process, or whether or not it was genocide". The Northern nation consisted of four clans totalling 200–300 people.The Big River nation numbered 400–500 people consisting of five clans. Milligan (a contemporary at Wyballenna) described a creator spirit called Etymological study of Milligan's ethnographic data describes a pantheon of spiritual beings associated with environmental or supernatural phenomena:

It was bounded on one side by the sea, and on the other side by a saltwater lagoon bordered with thick tea-tree which cut off access to the main island.Since the 1980s, this petition has been the focus of a major argument in the legal battle regarding the promises that Robinson and Governor Arthur made to Aboriginal Tasmanians. People crossed into Tasmania approximately 40,000 years, ago via a land bridge between the island and the rest of mainland Australia, during the Last Glacial Period.

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