I'm going to cry no matter what. Anna Wing – who played cantankerous matriarch Lou Beale from the first episode in 1985 – died on 7 July 2013 at the ripe old age of 98. Explosive: Before his death, Dennis had tearfully apologised to Ian - who survived the boat accident - for abusing Bobby online and he'd also left a voice note for mum Sharon explaining that Ian had locked him in a room and he couldn't escape

I hope it's Keanu who dies, I've changed my opinion of him after this week and got used to him being gone #Eastenders. The previous three have aired the events of that day from different perspectives.Mick and Linda Carter, Ian Beale, Bex Fowler and Dennis Rickman have all taken centre stage, with other characters also heavily featuring.The Mitchells and Keanu Taylor were the latest to share their movements on that day, with it confirmed they caused the crash.There's been some major clues and hints about the death and what else might happen.Little snippets have teased the fallout and the lead-up, from characters struggling and trapped in the water, to people acting suspiciously.With gun shots, collapses and other danger leaving lives on the line, here's all the clues so far as to which character will be killed off.Soap boss Kate Oates likened the death to a "Greek tragedy", while Jon Sen also confessed there was only ever one character in the frame to die.Speaking at a recent press day for the milestone episodes, Kate said: "There is something almost like a tragedy about this particular person who dies and it could be argued that it's been set up for some time. That's a bold move #EastEnders. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. Ourexplains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Tragedy: Friday night's climatic episode of EastEnders saw the death of Dennis Mitchell to end the BBC soap's 35th anniversary weekDennis had been among some of Albert Square's finest who were trapped on board the boat that got into difficulty. "Fans are convinced Dennis could be in grave danger after When Ian confronted Dennis, the youngster showed no remorse for what he had done before punching Ian and running downstairs.The businessman then lost his temper and punched Dennis, before Fans were left fearing the worst for the boy as the boat crashed into something and water swirled around Dennis' ankles.Heavily pregnant Sharon Mitchell is set to be at the centre of the 35th anniversary drama.If her waters break on the boat, might she head into the river herself?The businessman had discovered that Dennis was behind his son Bobby's abuse.Would the BBC One soap kill off the Walford favourite?Keanu has returned to the soap with a vengeance, targeting the Mitchells for revenge and kidnapping Callum Highway.Fans are convinced Keanu might be the major character who meets his end during the boat disaster.One fan tweeted: "Still think Keanu dies rescuing a trapped person. Ivanka Trump ends the week on an elegant note in a $1,280 Emilia Wickstead dress as she steps out one day after Melania shut down 'delusional and malicious' claims about their rivalryDonald Trump calls unemployment falling sharply to 8.4% 'great' - but just 1.37 million new jobs are created in sign of recovery from effects of shutdown slowing downVirginia city renames cemetery honoring Stonewall Jackson because supporting the Confederate general's legacy is 'unacceptable and indefensible'Joe Biden accuses Donald Trump of leading 'K-shaped recovery' saying only the people at the top are benefiting and millions are being left badly behind Mom and dad of FIVE are shot dead 'by teen gunman who robbed them of $3,000' after they responded to online Letgo ad selling Toyota Rav4 Furious owners of NY venues that hosted gala weddings of Megyn Kelly and Kevin Jonas launch class action suit against Gov.

Mick does appear to be dragged onto a lifeboat by Stuart, but does this rule him out and where is Linda?The start of Tuesday's episode saw Ian Beale appearing to drown.He was seen struggling in the river as Mick Carter appeared to be dragged onto a lifeboat.Ian reached out for help before vanishing under the water.There's also the fact he contemplates leaving Dennis to drown - but will karma catch up with him and leave him in peril instead?Fans have been questioning if the character who has been on the soap since it began will die.Phil Mitchell is back, and he's set for a deadly showdown with Keanu Taylor as he finally confronts him over his affair with wife Sharon.Ben called his dad in turmoil, after Keanu kidnapped his boyfriend Callum Highway for revenge.Phil and Ben had arranged Keanu's murder over Christmas, only for him to flee - but now he's back for a final showdown.With a gunshot heard, and two characters going overboard as Phil and Keanu fight it out, many are speculating a shock death will air.But will Phil survive?

Who Dies In EastEnders' 35th Birthday Week?

Hit by a lorry after hearing her deceased son call her nam… 'A third added: 'Wasn’t expecting Dennis to leave.

I do however think that it will be Mick that dies and I really don't want it to be." They wrote: 'Oh my God, it is Dennis. "I promised Louise, on his life. Fans are now eager to see how the drama will unfold, once Sharon's listens to the voice note Dennis had sent her.

Before his death, Dennis had tearfully apologised to Ian for abusing Bobby online.

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