The upholstery stains incredibly easily even if you just spill water on the seats. It is at the dealers constantly. Handles well in the rain.

But other than that I'd recommend jeep's for everyone. Have considered buying another one. Which it is a pain. Jeep is very reliable in terms of safety, drives very well but gas is extremely expensive for it, as it only goes about 15 miles per gallon. I would not recommend the 2010 Jeep commander. When the weather warms up easy to reset the check engine light yourself. Terrible gas mileage. I have had so many issues, too many to list, that I am happy I have the warranty. Buy from a reputable dealer. began because we believe everyone deserves access to unbiased, accurate information about every vehicle. Sometimes I will be driving 60 miles an hour and it will downshift to 40 miles per hour out of nowhere. You can do pretty well with a tank of gas but I live in NYC so driving is always a little pricey. The all-time 4-wheel -drive also means that I don't have to bother putting it into 4-wheel when I need to, it is automatically always there. Upon purchase everything seemed great. Not enough room for taller people on the backseat. The heat stopped working. It suits my purposes much better and I've really fallen in love with it.

Jeep commander reliability. Had 19, 000 miles on it. I can ride 8 people with comfort. Owner Reviews & Common Problems Otherwise is a good vehicle. I have done a lot of independent research in regards to our issue. I love my Jeep commander. We have owned it for 4 years. I have never one bit of problem with it. I wish they still made them 2008 Jeep Commander Sport My 2008 Jeep Commander is a very comfortable family car. A feature that I am impressed with is the third row seating. I have leather interior, 3 rows, moonroof & sunroof. I have had 7 transmission leaks. Pre-owned vehicle.

My vehicle is super comfortable. At the push of a button, all the settings are custom for either of us. The gas mileage is not great, but we knew that when we bought it. Loading space is generous. Awesome for long trips with tons of storage. And our sun roof was leaking. Have to drive vehicle 50-100 miles before it disappears. Chrysler group llc chrysler is recalling certain model year 2005 2010 jeep grand cherokee vehicles manufactured february 11 2004 through march 9 2010. There is an issue with Jeeps where the car will not start due to the placement on wiring where the wires are exposed to the weather and rot over time. The average annual repair cost for a jeep is 634 which means it has above average ownership costs. The average annual repair cost is 639 which means it has average ownership costs. The jeep commander looks great on the outside even at 10 years old.

Electrical system power train recall date. However the interior and under the hood is another story. This car has been through a lot of user wear and surprisingly has survived thus far. 2010 Jeep Commander Limited This is our third Jeep Commander. It remains comfortable for everyone even with using the third row seating. A very durable car with lots of interior space. I now have 130, 000 miles on it and runs like a charm. This rating is based on an average across 345 unique models. In addition jeep offers three year36000 mile roadside assistance and a five year100000 mile rust warranty. Had to have it looked at a number of times until desired performance was achieved. It handles easily in tight spaces. But to be honest, it is been a real lemon. According to the on board computer. My vehicle is also very spacious, there is plenty of headroom and space between driver and passengers. The squareness makes it very easy to park. I love that it will sense and apply traction where needed, so I never have to worry about getting stuck out in snow or mud. The front seats are very spacious and comfortable. Simply put commander is a taller boxier version of grand cherokee designed to maximize interior space and add a third road of passenger seats. I have had to replace the alternator. Love how the 2nd row & 3rd row are stadium seats so they sit higher than the driver. It gives me the ability to have good visual with the mirrors. The commander is the primary vehicle used in our household and has always been extremely reliable. Ago & have had to put a bit of money into it.
It is tied into the power steering and suspension along with the tire sensors. It comes with a roof rack for transporting stuff. It has everything I need for transportation. It is very roomy, has 3rx row for seating. Has a lot of room for storage. New heater core., ball joints.

It has stadium seating which is … Within the first 6 months our air conditioning went out. We are not alone. I love my jeep commander. I love the Jeep Commander because it is comfortable and fun to drive. Good thing I have lifetime warranty. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM , POWER TRAIN Recall Date: 05/07/2013. Overall it is a smooth driving vehicle. The 2nd row seats can go down too if you buy some large items. The world could never have enough jeeps. The interior is very luxurious, spacious, and well laid out. Gas mileage averages 15 mpg. Conveniently compare local dealer pricing on jeep commanders. I think my favorite feature is the memory seats. Our tire sensors were off. I drive a lot as you can tell I have put 3 sets of tires on it during its life. Great for moms on the go.

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