When I found out 2006 would be the final model year for the Baja, I was crushed. See how much dust you can raise.

This is partly due to those two exposed chrome tubes that we're all legally forbidden to call roll bars. For 95% of what I used to use a truck for, this little truck/car is perfect. Regularly​ maintained. by SVXtoBAJA It is a 2006 baby blue drives nice seats 5 low miles all wheel drive. I am a proud owner of a 2003 Baja. Subaru once introduced a vehicle called the Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter. I don't think I could live without it
Learn more about used 2005 Subaru Baja vehicles. Subaru Baja - Rugged, Sporty, And Fun! When my neighbors are snowed in, waiting for the roads to clear, I have freedom to explore the beautiful snowy countryside. I have never had a problem with these cars and hope my luck continues. Its steering is light but accurate, and the car - sorry, the Maybe the best news is that the Baja rides like a car. There were some things that needed to be fixed, and I thought that after a few months, it would break down on me. research process is at the heart of what we do and remains our number one priority.

We hung on to it longer, just trading it in 09 for a used 06 with low miles. ( I leave the V-8's alone.) The car is reliable and fun to drive.

We managed to fit a Toro walk-behind mower back there. The vehicle's ability to handle snow and wet roads is comparable to that in other all wheel drive vehicles. This car was bought as an errand runner and to go up the mountain road to the cabin in the snow. It has been super reliable, The engine has over 200,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. If SOA advertised them, they would have sold a ton! by stubby and have very unique looks. No complaints. Honestly, I have no cons to discuss.

Had Subaru not discontinued manufacturing the Baja, I might very well be in the market for a new one just to have the updates. Always been kept in a garage by Subie Groupie

Said the pink-cheeked cop, "What happened, your wagon lose its ass? The gas is pretty decent too, but it takes a whole lot of money to fill up the tank. But inside, the 2006 was even more fabulous than our 2003. I like it because so many people comment that they like it. If you haven't driven a Subaru since, you'll be buzzed by how much of the upper-register buzz is absent, yet the boxer's endearing groundhog growl remains. This vehicle was purchased new in 2004. I love it. Everything is where you expect to find it, the seats are all-day comfortable, the trio of rotary HVAC controls is a model of efficiency and simplicity. I have carried a canoe and gazebo weighing 900 lbs in this vehicle. VehicleHistory.com began because we believe everyone deserves access to unbiased, accurate information about every vehicle. Fifteen years later, it's time again to set your dials to Full Weird. I was really happy when I got it and the car did not break down on me. Forward and rear speakers provide fairly good sound for both radio and CDs. It reminds me of the El Camino I always wanted, but it runs better and is AWD. Best vehicle I have ever owned! The car goes pretty slowly, and it can run pretty loudly when you first start it up. on Wed Sep 13 2017 I also like the leather interior and the sunroof. Everything aft of the rear doors, though, appears to have been lost in a tragic encounter with a snow plow.You know what the Baja drives like?
It actually turned out to be a good deal, and it still has not broken down on me. Plus, they remain blazing even when the engine's off, affording you an excellent opportunity to sample the entire line of Sears DieHards. Sigh. I tow a 54 inch X 96 inch aluminum trailer with ATV on it and the Baja pulls it just fine. Having a bed is really nice, the overall size of the vehicle is very practical, it can fit in compact spaces, which is easier than a big truck. I get compliments everywhere I go.

The rear doors are adult-size, too, lifted from you-know-where.

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