For the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) there is no such simple foundation story. Postcards Ireland. In strongly unionist Coleraine the UVF was not formed until a meeting, significantly held in the local Orange hall, on 16 April 1913.

Under this act any foreign rifles sold in Britain had to be tested by a licensed gun-dealer, who would then stamp the barrel of the rifle to show that it met stringent quality standards. This campaign was opposed by Protestants who had a substantial majority in some of the counties in Ulster. add their voice to the historical record. The RIC believed that around 200 men were being drilled, armed with nothing more than dummy guns. Bowman, Carson’s Army: the Ulster Volunteer Force, 1910–1922 (Manchester, 2007).R. On 23 September 1913, the 500 delegates of the Ulster Unionist Council met to discuss the practicalities of setting up a provisional government for Ulster, should Home Rule be implemented.On 25 November 1913, partly in response to the formation of the UVF, Irish nationalists formed the The third Home Rule Bill was eventually passed despite the objections of the House of Lords, whose power of veto had been abolished under the Although many UVF officers left to join the British Army during the war, the unionist leadership wanted to preserve the UVF as a viable force, aware that the issue of Home Rule and partition would be revisited when the war ended.

people both in Ireland and around the world. 1913.The Women of Ulster. P.15.Michael Hopkinson, The Irish War of Independence, p263 In January 1913, prominent Ulster Protestants Edward Carson and James Craig formed the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) to resist any attempt by Britain or the … It seems quite likely, however, that UVF headquarters, or rather their eccentric ‘director of ordnance’, Major Fred Crawford, had arranged for many rifles to be hidden away rather than distributed to UVF units. As early as December 1910 the RIC believed that Orange lodges were undertaking military preparations. By the end of 1911, the police had firm evidence that Orange lodges in County Armagh had started to obtain rifles. Drilling certainly took place in 1886 at Richill, Co. Armagh, where a local solicitor drilled around 30 men. Indeed, it was to be summer 1914 before most UVF units carried rifles publicly, demonstrating UVF headquarters’ concern about a local incident escalating out of control.The UVF was an impressive force by the summer of 1914, at least numerically, and, following the Larne gunrunning of April 1914, it possessed a large number of relatively modern military rifles, certainly compared to the IRA of 1919–21. It is worth noting that British youth movements, such as the Boys’ Brigade and Church Lads’ Brigade routinely carried out drill, and the Territorial Force, formed in Britain, but not Ireland, in 1908, paraded for weekly drills. Motto of the Ulster Volunteer Force (1913) "For God and Ulster" Share this card: Due to variations in postcard size your actual printed postcard may differ from the original version shown here. The story of Clontarf, from battleground to garden suburb Darkest Dublin: The story of the Church Street disaster and a pictorial account of the slums of Dublin in 1913We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Ulster volunteer force . The Enniskillen Horse—what can now be identified as the first formed UVF regiment—parading through the town on 18 September 1912 to welcome Sir Edward Carson’s visit to launch the Ulster Covenant campaign. here we have a ulster volunteer force (uvf) badge, i am unsure of its age. Later that year, Irish nationalists formed a rival militia, the Irish Volunteers , to safeguard Home Rule. McNeill, Ulster’s stand for Union (London, 1922).Personal Histories is an initiative by History Ireland, Nevertheless, the UVF did not simply emerge as a fully fledged armed force in January 1913. The year 1893 also saw the formation of the Young Ulster movement, under the leadership of Fred Crawford, who was later to become famous for organising the large-scale UVF gunrunning of 1914. It was largely these Unionist Clubs that were to provide the basis of the UVF, most Orange lodges—certainly in rural areas—being much smaller than the Unionist Clubs.‘Up to the present a fair number of volunteers have been signed on. Most of this drilling appears to have been organised by Major Gerard Irvine, a major landowner. A detachment of nurses, which includes many of the leading Ulster ladies of that period, all specially trained.

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